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To a Peaceful and Positive 2024! 🥂

Many of those I have spoken to experience being trapped in a loop of negative and repetitive thoughts. This is not merely a subjective experience but is supported by research from the National Science Foundation. According to this research, we experience an average of 60,000 thoughts per day, with a significant portion, a whopping 85 percent, being negative.

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It goes without saying that such an enormous amount of negative thoughts has an impact on our lives. Even if we generally feel reasonably well, I dare say that a life where we are not constantly bombarded by negativity would be significantly more enriching and joyful.

Fortunately, there is a way to break this negative cycle: letting go of our thoughts through meditation.

The Origin of Thoughts

Our thoughts are intricately woven into the fabric of our experiences, forming a mental photo album that shapes our perception of the world. Unfortunately, this often means we view the present through the lens of our past, hindering our ability to fully embrace the current moment. The repetitive nature of these thought patterns becomes ingrained in our unconscious habits, creating a sense of being trapped.

Breaking Free Through Meditation

The best meditation. How to meditate? Meditation for beginners. Letting go

The key to liberation lies in a transformative meditation method that guides us through the process of letting go.

This method encourages us to release the mental pictures we've held onto – snapshots of our experiences that may not reflect reality as accurately as we believe.

By systematically subtracting these mental images, we gain awareness and cultivate an open mind. This liberation extends to shedding preconceptions, prejudices, attachments, and habits that have constrained us.

My Journey

Having practiced this meditation method for over two years, the benefits have been nothing short of amazing. The transformation has brought increased confidence, happiness, and a newfound ability to savor life's moments without being hindered by past obstacles.

Breaking free from repetitive negative thoughts has been a liberating experience, and I share these insights with the hope that others can experience the same positive outcomes.

Try Yourself!

I encourage you to embark on your own meditation journey and witness the positive changes it can bring to your life.

The unique aspect of this meditation—offered in Stockholm, Oslo, and 350 other centers worldwide—lies in the genuine care of those guiding the process, fostering an environment where uncovering the truth within oneself becomes paramount.

A New 2024

How do you meditate? Can everyone meditate? Does meditation work?

So, here's to a year of uncovering truth, embracing meditation, and living a life unburdened by the loop of repetitious negative thoughts.

Happy New Year and Happy Meditation! 🥂😎


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