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Dealing with Difficulties while Walking the Path to Enlightenment

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Walking the path of enlightenment is not always as easy as it sounds. There are of course moments of clarity and strong joy, but it doesn't take long before life gives us difficulties again. That's when we ask ourselves why it's happening to me. We get angry, scared or frustrated by being in a situation that is anything but pleasant. We begin to doubt our development and inner wisdom.

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Human life with its difficulties does not end simply because we have gained a higher insight into something or decided to follow the path towards wholeness, Truth and total enlightenment. We do not immediately become some kind of being of light who faces all of life's difficulties with a pious smile. Anyone who has practiced meditation for a long time knows this, but why is it that we still continue to meditate?

Going through difficulties from the perspective of learning, growing and understanding is what gives the difficulties meaning.

  • It means that you go through the difficulties, observe them and feel them without letting them haunt you for the rest of your life.

  • It means that you see a new perspective of yourself because you have been forced to leave your comfort zone.

  • It means realizing what kind of person you are and what bonds you have, so that you can let go and become free inside.

  • It means that one realizes that one's perception of life has only been one's own perspective and that one can overcome difficulties and obstacles and accept something new.

  • It means that one's tears are not meaningless or in vain. One cries to clear the mind; one's sorrows and pains melt away when one cries sincerely.

  • This means that the next time someone finds themselves in a similar situation, you can truly comfort and say "I understand, but there is a way out and you can overcome this".

  • It means growing and overcoming yourself instead of breaking down.

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A person who acts in this way understands and heals others. She does not carry a scarred soul, judgment or anger. She is always moving on, learning and healing. She does not hate those who have wronged her because she understands that the hatred is her own; she knows she needs to let go of the hate. Such a person walks the righteous path. Always so, no matter what situation she finds herself in.

Remember that difficulties are a part of being human and that they have meaning if you deal with them with sincerity and clarity.

Such is the path to enlightenment.


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