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How do I Stop Procrastinating?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Most people probably recognize themselves in putting things off until a later date, especially things that are a bit difficult to handle or require a greater work effort. For some it is a big problem. It becomes an inner sadness because you know that you are not living life according to its full potential. You feel like a failure and trapped inside yourself, unable to break free. Fortunately, meditation is an effective remedy against procrastination.

There are mainly two reasons why we are unable to act or put things off:

Reason 1: Too many thoughts

Of course, you need to think before you act. But if you think too much, it's hard to get started. Out of habit, a person with too many thoughts tends to think over their actions over and over again and therefore easily finds themselves pressed for time and feeling burdened. A person who has many thoughts is heavy in the whole body and there is no "space" to act. Every action is painful and involves a great effort. Because everything is so heavy, you get easily distracted. It's hard to get anything done when the mind looks like this.

Reason 2: Perfectionism

If you want to do things perfectly, it's hard to get anything done at all. A person with unreasonable demands on himself is afraid of failure. She makes a big deal out of everything she undertakes and punishes herself severely - in the form of shame and guilt - for the slightest misstep. It becomes a great mental strain for such a person to act, which leads to the person instead postponing or avoiding doing something.

Stop procrastinating with meditation. Guided meditation around the world.

How can meditation help with this and what are the results?

Meditation means an opportunity to reflect on yourself. We can see what is blocking us. We become aware of fears and patterns in our mind world and in our behaviors. This process of awareness is very valuable as it helps us to see that these blockages are not reality, but something that we ourselves have created.

Meditation gives us a tool to root out and release blockages. This opens up a space within us. We feel lighter in both body and mind. Self-acceptance - an acceptance of our limitations and shortcomings - sets in, which is a wonderful feeling. Finally, we don't have to be perfect, but can start acting. The step between thought and action becomes short and painless. When we act, we find new ways and our capacity grows. As our capacity grows, so does confidence in our own abilities. It becomes less relevant to compare yourself to others and life feels joyful and less serious. It doesn't take long before we can look back on the old self as just a pale shadow.

If you recognize yourself in the above and want to achieve a change in your life, start meditating. It is possible to get lasting results quickly and a bright future awaits you.


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