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How to Live in the Moment

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I want to learn to live more in the present. How do I?

This is a question that we meditators often hear. But what do you mean when you say that you don't live in the present? There can be nothing but the present, right? Why do we still struggle with these questions?

What is the present?

The present is what exists only right now. Tomorrow the present will exist only right now. Everything that has happened in the past has also taken place in the present.

The present is what always exists, unlike the future and the past. The future and the past are only ideas and concepts in the mind of every human being. It is not possible to touch the future or the past. It is not possible to live there. Thus, neither the future nor the past really exist in the world.

The present is the only thing that is real. One can therefore equate reality and the present. The present is what is.

Mindfulness. Silent retreat. Gratis meditation.

If the present is the only thing that is, why don't we live there?

What people mean when they say they want to live in the "now" is that they are stuck in their thoughts and wish to break free from those thoughts. So it is these thoughts and emotions that "block" the present.

Our life is experienced within our mind. Our mind perception is our life. To live in the present, we need to have the present in our mind. Since the present is reality, we need to have reality in our mind instead of fantasies. How do we get it?

Since the present is the only thing that constantly exists, it is also our natural stage. You can put it so that the present is our true self or our true nature.

To find the "now" we need to remove everything that is not the present i.e. our wandering thoughts and feelings. When these blockages are eliminated, only the present remains. We have then become one with the present and the present is one with us. We have achieved reality. This insight - and this stage - can also be called enlightenment.

How we find the present

To get rid of our blockages, we need to clear the mind of distracting thoughts and feelings. This cleansing is done with the help of meditation. By systematically clearing out what is in our mind world, the present emerges step by step.

When we live in the present, we live without blockages. We only focus on what we do and can achieve success that way. Our life "flows" like water. It is living as one with others and the world. It is true peace and true joy.

This short video describes well how to live in the present. Please take a minute and look.

Where can I learn more?

If you wish to learn more about how to live in the present, I of course recommend meditation. At Stockholm Meditation you can book a free introduction and meet a guide who will tell you how to do it.


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