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Meditation for Increased Focus and Productivity

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Who does not recognize that the mind wanders? When you should actually be working, suddenly there is a very strong need to check the news feed on your mobile phone?

There are lots of tips on how to become more efficient and change habits. Write to-do lists, prioritize, set rules for screen times, etc. These are all good tips. But is it possible to do something more fundamental? That's where meditation comes in.

Basically, the reason we can't focus on one thing is because there are distracting thoughts and feelings in our mind. These thoughts and feelings grab hold of our focus and take it far away. The consequence is that nothing gets done. What if we could get rid of these emotions? Think how much easier life would be then and so much more we would get to do.

Meditation is about changing your perspective on these thoughts and feelings.

Normally, our approach is one of two: either we fight against the distractions and push them aside within us, or we follow them. Either way, it will be a fight. In the first case, because we constantly have to argue with ourselves. In the second case, because afterwards we often become angry and disappointed with ourselves. In neither case are we productive.

If we change our approach to getting rid of the distractions instead of pushing them aside or following them, we will achieve a fundamental change.

A basic meditation exercise has already been described in this blog. Practice it regularly, and there will be a greater awareness of what emotional movements are happening within you. With a little practice, you have gained a space of freedom within.

When you feel like you've achieved a space in your mind that's free of thoughts, it's easy to start eliminating what gets in your way. When a distracting thought comes up, you might think of grabbing it and throwing it or putting it into a fire. It has now burned up and you can continue with what you were doing. The important thing here is not to fight against the distraction, but just to let it be eliminated in the direction of its own power, much like the aikido of a mind.

With a little practice, you will be able to do this automatically and effortlessly. Over time, this creates an ever-increasing space of uncluttered consciousness within you. When your mind works from this space, we experience something commonly known as flow. This is because you are now working from a pure source of inspiration and creativity rather than from a place filled with distractions, thoughts and anguish.

It is possible to meditate on your own. One tip, however, is to meditate at a meditation center. It helps enormously to get guided meditation, support and help from experienced guides. We who write this blog have all meditated at Stockholm Meditation.

Read more about their activities at


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