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The Mind is the Forerunner

Don’t worry, be happy! Turn that frown upside down! It’s up to you to be in control of your thoughts and emotions, you need to look on the bright side of life! Just have a beer and chill, everything is cool mate!

Social media, our friends and family are full of advice about how we need to deal with our depression, worry and fears! Toxic positivity comes in many forms that are difficult to detect.

Oftentimes today there are many people who feel that they can’t share their true feelings and thoughts with others for fear of being shunned by toxic positivity! You may actually feel guilty for even saying you feel stressed or worried!

Are you aware of the toxic positive phenomenon?

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It comes in many forms and you find it easily on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tik-Tok. We also find it in TED Talks and self-help books everywhere telling us to clean our acts up by throwing out all kinds of hip sayings that are supposed to smooth over the pain or suffering we have. Like icing on the cake we can then keep going in our pursuit for positivity and happiness, supposedly just right around the corner!

Throughout history, we've been told to stay calm and carry on! The iconic 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster was designed months before the Second World War began. Its message was supposed to boost morale and ensure the American public could bear the sacrifice and burden required of them. So here we have it! We are told these kinds of messages to carry the burden within us. It has always been this way, then as now. However, it's rarely the intention behind these messages to highlight what's true.

Truth is the most important thing. Where is the truth and how do we find it?

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After the pandemic and now with all of the issues regarding global warming and the economy, people are really stressed out!

Slogans of toxic positivity, like 'keep going and carry on', are not sufficient any longer! In fact, statistics say, that young people in the USA are committing suicide more often than before, and people are becoming more depressed and stressed out.

Under these circumstances, you can't just tell somebody to 'buck up and move on', or 'things will get better just cheer up' or 'think positive, only positive vibes here'. Or this classic: 'It could be worse, dude, other people have it way worse than you!'

I can tell you from personal experience that I have heard all of the above examples thrown at me in one way or the other. They might have worked for a while, as I did my best to give the advice I received a fair chance! I wanted so badly to believe that 'where there is a will there's a way'!

What I have found out by stubbornness is that all of this kind of advice made me dig myself deeper into falseness! The more I tried to apply toxic positivity the faker I got. Instead of becoming happier or solving my problems, I accumulated layers upon layers of wishes and desires! It became just another burden for an already troubled mind!

The best news in the world: there is an answer!

How to handle stress. Stress management courses.

Meditation has helped to peel off these toxic layers of falseness to reveal the truth within me! I have been meditating now for two years using a method of removing the false news to reveal the truth!

Meditation is not a drug with the wish of a quick fix which of course we all know doesn’t work. However, meditation works wonderfully if you are willing to practice regularly over time! This method has been proven successfully each time I’m willing to show up and just do it!

Isn’t it time to stop the lies of fake propaganda of toxic positivity? The way to truth is to eliminate the garbage in our minds. And thankfully there is a method which makes this happen! Try the meditation method of letting go and see for yourself how it feels to clear away all the burdens, stress, and fear. Find the truth within and let’s do this together!

Thanks for letting me share my meditation experience!

Happy meditation! 😀🌎🙌


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Aug 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing Antoinette!

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