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Why Can I Never Seem to be Satisfied?

You can probably relate to the feeling that even if you get what you want, it doesn't take long before you want more, something that you hope will finally satisfy that inner hunger. The reason we act this way is that fundamentally, we do not know what happiness is, let alone what to do to find it.

How do I become happy? Can meditation make me happy?

As a child, I remember longing for things like video games, toys, and trips to other countries. In the winter, I longed for the warmth of summer, and in the summer, I longed for the snow in winter. As I grew older, I wanted love, money, and status. I could feel satisfied after getting these things, but it didn't take long for this happiness to fade, and I returned to the same "normal" (i.e., semi-unhappy) state of mind as before. Over time, the moments of happiness or satisfaction from getting things became shorter and shorter, until there was basically no satisfaction at all. It really didn't matter what I got; everything was the same. It was with a certain horror that I realized there is nothing in life that can fulfill what I was looking for.

Through meditation, I have achieved a degree of understanding of the human mind and the meaning of true satisfaction and happiness. Below, I share my insights that I hope will be of value to you.

What is happiness and where can it be found?

To understand why life feels unsatisfying or meaningless, we need to understand the meaning of true happiness. True happiness is the same as true consciousness, the true existence of the world. It is a place beyond the human mind, the "false mind" (in contrast to the "true mind/consciousness"). It is an unconditional and enduring existence, i.e., it does not change just because circumstances change. To achieve true happiness, we need to achieve a state of mind that is one with true consciousness, i.e., not dependent on conditions for its satisfaction.

What we call conditions are the rules that our false, human mind has created and applies to the world, such as "for me to be happy, x must happen". The mind believes that this is how happiness is created, but it is incorrect. Happiness can never be the result of this viewpoint because it assumes that something unconditional (true) is created by something conditional (false). Even if the condition is met, happiness will not be able to arise in its true form.

No, true happiness can only be found in a mind that is unconditional. It is therefore of utmost importance that we empty our minds of these conditions. We will then naturally live in happiness.

A few words about false (conditional) happiness

People react differently to false (conditional) happiness. Some people believe they are actually happy because things seem to be going their way. Even though this feeling of happiness will disappear when the conditions are no longer met, many people mistake themselves in this regard and continue to strive for further temporary satisfaction as soon as the first rush of happiness has subsided.

As the mind matures, one intuitively realizes that there is no happiness in external things and that it is meaningless to chase after a temporary feeling of satisfaction. One is then ready to move on and experience the truth of reality. This is the natural evolution of our mind in our journey towards truth and enlightenment. However, it is never worthwhile to try to explain this to someone whose mind still clings to the illusion of false happiness.

Meditation is the way to find true happiness

The reason why we follow a false idea of happiness is that feelings of inferiority and greed are woven into our minds. As a result, we believe that we are not enough and that we need something to feel fulfilled. This is a false perspective, from which all efforts to achieve true happiness will be in vain.

What is real happiness?

Happiness is something that fundamentally exists within every human being. In fact, we already have it and are it. We are all an expression of life, which is happiness and truth. Every creature is it, but we cannot see it because of all the illusions in our mind. The solution is to get rid of all the illusions in the mind. By doing so, our perspective will naturally shift to a true and happy perspective.

Meditation is a method for identifying the disturbing thoughts and feelings and letting them go from our minds. I highly recommend starting to meditate with Stockholm Meditation.

What does real happiness feel like?

Thanks to meditation, I wake up every morning with a clear mind without the countless worries and uneasiness that plagued me in the past. I am far from perfect and my understanding will surely deepen further, but what I can see now is that real happiness means always having a clear and peaceful mind.

A clear mind is a happy mind because it doesn't get stuck on anything. It is always present in the moment. Everything is one existence, everything is me; there is no boundary between me and the world around me. Everything is done for one purpose, which is to live for the world and as an expression of the world.


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1 Comment

Apr 22, 2023

Love your posts Michael and can definitely relate. I've found the same thing that meditation has helped me to find true happiness and like you say it's within each of us. Before meditating, at one point, I felt like I was chasing something I could never catch and was tired. But through clearing my mind I could find little by little lasting happiness😍 Gaby

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