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Walking Meditation - Can I Walk and Meditate at the Same Time?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Meditation can actually be done at any time. It is not necessary to sit in a meditation room with your eyes closed.

In fact, circumstances in our surroundings provide good conditions for seeing ourselves. An annoying colleague makes us see our judgments, a challenging task makes us see our stress, a rainy day can make us see our expectations. When we can see ourselves, we can also do something about it.

A good way to start practicing meditation in everyday life is through the so-called walking meditation.

Do this:

  1. Choose a nice walking path where you can walk in peace and quiet. It is good if you have decided in advance the beginning and end of the walk. In Stockholm, for example, Djurgården, Hagaparken or Rålambshovsparken and the surrounding area are good areas, but there are of course any number of other nice places.

  2. Walk at a leisurely pace while observing your thoughts and feelings. Just observe. Don't try to push anything away. All sorts of things can pop into your head, such as "Does this work?" "What do I do?" "Am I doing the right thing?". It doesn't matter what it is, let it come and just observe.

  3. Let the thoughts disappear as they arise. Imagine the thoughts flying into a fire as they appear. With a little practice, this will become automatic.

  4. Practice two or three times a week for about 20 minutes at a time.

What happens now is that the mind starts to empty out. This means that we gradually begin to see things in a new light and from a different perspective. The mind becomes flexible and we can easily adapt to ever-changing situations. Maybe the colleague I previously dismissed as annoying is actually not annoying at all? Maybe I can easily see what I can do on a rainy day?

While meditating on your own is fine, doing it with others helps a lot. Stockholm Meditation is a meditation center at Gästrikegatan 8 in Stockholm. They offer personally guided meditation both at the center and online.

Read more at I recommend to book a free introduction and talk to the guides to get more tips.


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