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A Life in Flow

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The Pope is supposed to have stated that nothing in nature lives by itself. The rivers do not drink their own water. The trees do not eat their own fruit. The point here is that the principle of the world is coexistence, which means a life of selflessness. Only in that way can balance be achieved. A life in accordance with this principle is a life in flow, a life in harmony and without blockages.

How to find flow in life. Meditation, mindfulness, mental health.

How can we as humans live in such a flow? How can I live selflessly? It is only possible if we give up our "selves", our "egos". A life free of ego and selfish desires automatically leads to a life of balance and harmony. As our consciousness grows, we realize that this is a journey we all have to make sooner or later. In fact, we were on that journey the whole time. The problems we are suffering from right now can definitely be traced to our mind; they cannot be accused of anything else.

To achieve this we need a method, a tool, to get rid of the self/ego. The self consists of the identification with one's lived life, one's habits which are the mind structure we inherited from ancestors and the body.

Through meditation, which is taught at Stockholm Meditation, we can become aware of how our mind controls our experience of ourselves and the world. As we become aware of it, we can "let go" or "empty" the mind. As we do this, our consciousness returns to its origin which is not bound to form, concept, dogma, the past, the future, etc. Our consciousness becomes here-now - what is. From this perspective, the world exists as it is. It is calm and peaceful, with unity and coexistence.

The following video describes the above well.

Contact Stockholm Meditation to get more information about the method that allows us to get rid of our (false) self/ego and return to our true, real self.


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