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The Meditation that Really Worked

At 69 years old, I've had the chance to try various forms of meditation. Many of them were great, but they only felt good in the moment.

Over ten years ago, I found this particular meditation, and there must be something special about it because I've continued practicing ever since. And indeed, there is something unique about it. The other meditations I tried provided temporary satisfaction. It was like sweeping dirt off the surface, but you never reached the depth. This meditation is entirely different – you dig deep into your innermost self and mentally discard everything you find. Unfortunately, the human mind holds vast amounts of clutter, including my own, so it takes time to clean thoroughly.

Meditation teacher meditation center Stockholm guided meditation

Since starting this meditation, I’ve felt – and still feel – that it's wonderful to be working on myself. It may sound self-centered, but the result is the opposite. You become much more accepting: you accept others, their actions, and become far less easily upset. Of course, there are actions that are unacceptable – that's not what I’m talking about. It’s about becoming more understanding. As we all know, it’s difficult to change others, such as a partner. However, if you can change your own behavior a little and see the other person from a more objective perspective, there’s a good chance that the other person will also make changes that benefit both.

I highly recommend this meditation to everyone. In the short term, those who will experience the most significant improvements are those who are a bit anxious or worried, have relationship problems, or have experienced a specific trauma that weighs them down. But in the long run, this meditation is excellent for everyone.


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