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Truth and Surrender go Hand in Hand

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

To let go, give up, means to "surrender oneself". When studying to be a yoga teacher, you learn to tell students to let go and give up. We say just let go all the time. It’s like a catchphrase nowadays! There is a lot of talk about letting go, but what does it really mean? And how can you really give up and why would you want to?

Hur påverkar meditation stress?

This meditation with its eight steps has shown me how to really empty out and how Truth gradually reveals itself from within. Truth is constantly showing us ourselves, whether we like it or not. We discover that the present is the only moment when we can truly see ourselves and what is going on in our minds.

What do we choose?

Seeing ourselves certainly sounds good, but the question is do we really want to see ourselves? When we see our old habits, all our tricks that no longer work and no longer bring us any satisfaction. Are we really ready to give them up? Or do we choose to let them drive us to the bottom?

  • Do we choose to let the distractions of our mind toss us around like a cork on the high seas or will we pay attention to what is going on inside and let go?

  • Do we want to believe in our mind world, which consists of countless feelings and thoughts – thoughts of the past and of the future? Do we want to believe these countless thoughts that are constantly spinning in our heads? Or do we want to see these thoughts as the rubbish they really are?

I have chosen to see myself, meditate and let go. Meditation has saved me from the clutter in my mind.

It can take courage to let go of what we carry, but who wants to be full of burden and stress? Why would it take courage to meditate? When you meditate, it looks as if you are doing nothing! I have always been an active person and was very proud of my active lifestyle. For me, it was a challenge to sit still! But after a while I learned to do walking and other activities while I meditate. This is truly a remarkable method!

It's tough sometimes; to truly surrender and trust the universe is a journey. But I realize that the fact that I can devote myself to this meditation is a gift. According to a Chinese proverb, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Step by step I do this meditation and it has made me a more grateful and braver person than I ever thought possible.

To empty out/ let go and give up one's false self is freedom. It is fantastic! Try it for yourself!


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