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Who Likes to Argue with Others?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Who likes to argue with others? I definitely don't. But is it necessary to argue with people? Most people would probably say that it is a part of life and thus necessary. But maybe it's not necessary?

So what is it that makes people argue? The basic problem is our human mind.

Each of us has our own mind – you don't have the same mind as your partner, not as your neighbor and so on. Our mind is completely focused on ourselves. You might say: but I give money to charity, so I'm not that selfish. Of course it's a nice thing, but it's impossible to get away from the fact that even giving has an element of selfishness in it. As a rule, we give because it feels good - not only for the recipient, but also for ourselves. Were it not so, very few people would give to charity.

Everyone's minds are different, but that doesn't mean they're different in every way. Some parts of the mind are similar, e.g. our partner's mind. As long as we stick to things where we are reasonably equal, i.e. where we have the same attitude, everything works well. But if what another person says or thinks does not suit us, we find it difficult to accept the other person's opinion, and quarrels easily arise. What if everyone had the same mind? That would be great.

Silent meditation

In the meditation that I am doing (see you learn a super simple, but very effective method to throw away different parts of your mind, your ego, step by step. The goal is to eventually get the mind of the universe inside of you. I myself noticed already after a short time of meditation that it was easier for me to accept other people's opinions and I was much more comfortable with my partner. And just because you are getting rid of parts of your mind doesn't mean you lose your personality - rather you understand things better, look at them more soberly.

Why not try?


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