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Addition is Best Suited for Math Class

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

A few years ago I was on a 10-day retreat in central Sweden. We were a big group who sat all day and meditated. It was nice at the time, but didn't actually give me anything in the long term.

The most interesting thing was the pre-recorded lectures that we had to listen to every evening, where many wise words were said. One thing that stuck in my head was that Buddha had apparently said that the important thing was to be free from suffering. In other words, he didn't say "make yourself happy".

Since it was a wise man who had said it, I took it to heart. What people do is try to be happy by adding: getting stuff, looking for different types of kicks, etc. But the Buddha meant to remove instead!

empty your mind meditation

It was with this in the back of my mind that I found this meditation which is about just that – removing things from one's mind, things that are sloshing around and causing one to worry. Bingo!


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