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A Few Words about Arrogance

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I have been very arrogant in my life, thinking that I was better and smarter than others. I scoffed and looked down on others. Now I'm working on giving up my arrogance. It's a process. Thanks to meditation, I have gained a, at least for me, greater perspective on the importance of giving up arrogance and self-obsession.

The necessity of giving up arrogance

Every person needs to overcome their arrogance and self-obsession. Such personality traits are not congruent with our true nature. They cause suffering not only to others but also to ourselves. The only way to evolve as human beings is to embrace our true nature, which consists of unity, love, and acceptance.

It takes both insight and courage to give up arrogance. One might think that they would lose a part of their identity, self-worth, or confidence by giving up something they associate with confidence or strength. However, there is no such conflict. On the contrary, identity, self-worth, and confidence harmonize beautifully within a person who has given up their arrogance and self-obsession and regained their true nature.

The root cause of arrogance

Arrogance and self-obsession stem from feelings of inadequacy and pride. Deep within us, we feel that we are not good enough and that we need to assert ourselves through arrogant behavior. We put on masks, build fake identities, and fake our confidence. Consciously or unconsciously, we are ashamed of this inferiority complex, which leads us to great lengths in trying to hide it from the outside world, often at the expense and suffering of others.

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As we mature as human beings, we realize the necessity of giving up our arrogance and self-obsession in order to move forward and grow. Intuitively, we understand that holding onto arrogance will only create (further) suffering. Being proud and arrogant causes us to push people away and makes it impossible to build relationships based on trust and authenticity. Additionally, we can never reach our full potential if we are arrogant and obsessed with ourselves. The reason for this is that true potential requires synergy and coexistence with others and the world. Such synergies can only be achieved through humility and respect for each other, never with an arrogant and self-centered mindset.

The power of meditation - sometimes confusing, but beautiful in the end

Meditation is an excellent way to deal with arrogance and self-obsession. Meditation gives us the opportunity to look back at ourselves and let go of the inferiority complex and pride in our minds. It is a cleansing process for our minds and helps us regain our original mind, our true nature.

How does this affect us? Do we lose our self-worth or identity?

As we cleanse our minds through meditation, we break down our minds and remove all the masks we have put on and hidden behind throughout our lives. This means that our ideas of worth, identity, and confidence will be shattered. Sometimes, we may feel very lost.

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However, it is important to remember that such a sense of being lost is only a part of a transitional phase. It is like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Breaking free from the cocoon may be painful and confusing, but it is necessary in order to discover our true nature. Our true nature is the highest and most valuable; it knows its own worth because it is life itself. The identity of our true nature is the universe, which encompasses everything. The confidence of our true nature lies in the knowledge of the flow of nature; that everything happens through the virtue of the universe's existence.

When we realize this, we understand that the purpose of life is to live for the world. Such a life is lived with natural self-confidence. However, this self-confidence is not self-glorifying, but humble. It is humble because we now know that we are all one and the same, that no one is higher or lower, and that we are mutually dependent on and coexist with each other. Nothing can be attributed to the self because everything happens as an outflow of the universe/world. Thus, there is no honor for us to take upon ourselves. This is how it is intended to be, this is how the world is created.

Please watch the short video below. Seeking one's true nature is something that every human being should do.


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