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It Must be Great to be a Dog! 🐶

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

What does our everyday life actually look like? Yes, we do things, but above all we think. Some people think a lot. Thinking is of course good when you e.g. must figure out how to solve a task. But most of the thinking is unproductive and just a nuisance. Is my friend really treating me well? Is this vacation as good as the last? Why was I treated so badly? What if I lose my job!

Thinking leads to worry and anxiety. It leads to depression. And thinking prevents one from living in the present. Are there living things that live in a different way? How about dogs?

What is the best meditation in Stockholm?

I have a small dog myself and have been able to observe his ways, and yes, he lives in the moment all the time. When I get home, the dog comes running and is very happy that I am now home. He never blames me: “WHERE have you been? How LONG have you been gone?” No brooding over what has been, no brooding over what is to come, just a life in the present. If only the basic needs are satisfied, he is happy and satisfied. It must be great to be a dog!

Maybe we can also become like dogs? Well, with the meditation method where you throw things out of your mind, we can actually get a good way along the way. It can be wonderful to be human!


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1 Comment

Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Mar 01, 2023

Wise lessons learned from a dog, definitely true :)

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